About Us

Jireh 7 Enterprises is a locally owned and operated roofing, gutter & exterior company, serving only our great state of Colorado. We have over 35 years of combined experience in the roofing & construction industry. We specialize in residential roofing, small roof repairs, gutters, pressure washing and staining, window screens, assistance with hail damage roofs & homes that experienced storm damage, and more. We have a long list of references to prove our reputation, we strive to keep a good name, we believe a good name is worth more than gold with honesty and integrity as our top priority! Here at Jireh 7 Enterprises, we take pride in every job we do!  We treat our clients like family and their homes like they are our own! We do not want to be your roofer only once like most roofing companies, especially the roofing companies that aren’t local roofing companies, they say they are local then they do your roof once, then you have problems & then they are gone nowhere to be found to service your roof issues, we want to be your roofer for life, that way if you have an issue with your roof we are here to resolve it! Our aim is to earn your business and keep it! Leaving Behind a Legacy of doing things right, my desire is to pass the company on to my son so we can continue to do things right for generations to come, so people will always have a reputable roofing company they can trust!

Who We Are

Paul Aragon is the owner of Jireh 7 Enterprises. He is a family man that is happily married to his beautiful wife Brittany with 3 beautiful children, 1 son, and 2 daughters Demetrius, Zoey & Ezra.. Outside of work, He enjoys & values spending time with his family including his 4 legged kids (dogs) and they love the outdoors which includes fishing, sightseeing & hiking. We also enjoy serving at our church, Paul also loves to read and learn & work with his hands.

Our History

Paul Aragon is a Colorado native that grew up watching his father do all phases of construction from building houses from the ground up, cabinets, carpentry, plumbing, pipefitting, roofing, framing, you name it, he saw his dad do it all. Paul was not interested in roofing or construction as a kid, not until he grew older as a teen and developed a passion for working with his hands, helping people with their homes and beautifying them, making their homes look amazing. Providing the customers with the customer service they deserve, in an industry where there are a lot of roofing scams. Paul and his team are not just about making money, they are about helping the clients and protecting Colorado residents from roofing scams. Paul holds ICC General Contractor &F-14 & N-14 National Standard Roofing Exam Certificates, GAF Roofing University certificates, Owens Corning roofing products & shingle University certificates, Certain Teed master shingle installer & shingle quality specialist certificates, HAAG Engineering Residential Roof Inspector Certification Certification #201211304 and other HAAG Engineering certificates, OSHA 10 hour card certification, adjusters license and has a strong commitment to continued education to ensure his clients are getting the best with credentials to prove it!


Our BackStory

I was a subcontractor for many years but was being taken advantage of by my sales partner he was collecting commissions without me and not saying anything and he was the guy that had brought me into the industry. I was a victim of a fraudulent company and was not paid by both my sales partner and the company owner. The company shut down and filed bankruptcy and didn’t pay me and many others. They were taking checks from clients and not performing work. I then worked for guys that were a part of that company that started their own company and they wouldn’t pay me correctly or allow me to be part of the team and I always felt like an outcast. There was never any room for advancement and training to get better at my craft and the partnership they had was three owners, the owners started to fight over money so I decided to go completely off on my own. I created a website, made some business cards, got proper insurance and licensing, and used the name I had registered as a subcontractor. I knew I could do a better job and treat my subcontractors and future employees right, as well as do a great job for the clients. I wanted to make sure I exposed fraud in my industry and make a difference by educating and taking the time to help my clients every step of the way. I knew I wanted to do walkthroughs before, during, and after each job. Walkthroughs ensure the clients are updated and ensures the quality of workmanship, clean up and the whole process was done right! I am on the job sites, unlike most owners they are out of touch with clients, the business, and their workers.  I like to let my workers and clients know we care and appreciate each and every one of them. Adding that personal touch to the job and process. I walk around with my own magnet to double-check clean up before picking up the check. Once the job is complete, my clients get before during and after photos.  The clients that send referrals get a gift and card to say thanks. We want to do things right and do differently than the rest, so we do the little things like this to show everyone matters from workers to clients! – Paul Aragon (Jireh 7 Enterprises)