Professional Roofing Services in Fort Collins, CO

Are you searching for the right roofing service provider? As one of the leading names in the roofing service industry, we provide product specialization and distinctive service while at the same time demonstrating excellence in all aspects. The experts know that because of poor roofing installation or years of wear and tear from the environment, there are many different kinds of complications that can arise. Irrespective of the concern, we endeavor to offer prompt, economical outcomes with sincerity and candor.

New Roofing Construction

Installing a new roof will help you achieve the look you want for your new house construction. Our experts are available to help you design, from the ground up, the perfect roof that complements your new house.

  • Professional Installation
  • Top-quality materials for Underlayment, Vents & Gutters
  • New Roofing Construction On Schedule and Budget

Roofing Repair

Damage can manifest itself in a variety of ways, shapes, and forms. Small issues that are usually glanced over by other people can become big problems in the long run. It’s a good thing that our professionals are trained to spot these small issues and fix them before they become a problem.

  • Protruding Areas – vents and outlets such as skylights on the roof of your house can cause leaks which in turn can cause extensive damage
  • Clogged Gutters – damage caused by flooding of clogged gutters
  • Chimney Flashing – damage when the barrier keeping the chimney attached breaks apart
  • Debris – falling trees, and flying projectile from severe storms
  • Animal Damage – damage caused by animals trying to bury into your roof
  • Weather Damage – damage as a result of wind, rain, snow, or hail


There are several less costly but highly effective alternatives to completely replacing your home’s roof. There are other solutions that homeowners can consider such as re-roofing or re-surfacing. Re-roofing gives homeowners peace of mind from knowing they have chosen an affordable option that will increase their home’s resale value. Re-roof now, and your confidence in the integrity of your home’s roof will be restored.

The Advantages of Re-Roofing

  • Enhances the cosmetic appearance of your home
  • New shingles can lead to a roof that lasts for 10 years or more
  • Re-roofing is the fastest way to restore your roof
  • Re-roofing does not require extensive cost
  • Increases the value of your home

Preventative Roof Maintenance

Every landlord earnestly craves to maximally utilize their home, as well as their roof. By conducting short, simple, preventative roof maintenance, you can get the most out of your roof and save money. Your roof can indeed last years above its original warranty time frame once regular precautionary roof upkeep examinations are undertaken.

The most common items to look for are:

  • Paint peeling on eves or overhangs
  • Rusted flashing
  • Cracked or missing caulking around skylights or chimneys
  • Missing or damaged shingles or other surface material
  • Curled or buckled shingles
  • Bare spots on asphalt shingles

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